Photo Studio is the ultimate photo and image editing tool to create stunning pictures and artwork

Photo Studio HD

Photo Studio is the ultimate photo and image editing tool to create stunning pictures and artwork.The straight forward User Interface gives you endless possibilities to edit your pictures and share them on your favourite social network.

Add and combine filters and frames, stretch and wrap pictures and superimpose as many effects as you want.

Easy and Creative Photo editing tools to use on your iPhone and iPad

Photo Studio HD:   HAPPY BEING ME.

Nick Roach

"Thnx for creating a greatest app ..... Happy to see it"


"Just purchased and already I love it. It has an amazing variety of effects, textures, filters, shapes, frames, 3D, etc., not to mention the ability to layer effects. It's more versatile than other apps I own--highly recommend!"

Photo Studio HD let you to simply create breath taking photos through our over 200 filters that will allow you to change your photo to professional level. With our solitary filters, We promise you that your each photo will have its own prospect.  Everybody love to take pics and get clicked and now our Photo Studio HD will enhance your memories. 

Create stunning pictures and artwork Is Easy with Photo Studio HD

Photo Studio HD app is all about effects, and there are enough of them to keep you experimenting for hours. Some are designed to correct faults in the image - contrast, saturation, gamma and so on - but most of them are about radically altering your photos to give them a specific look and feel.

Tilt Shift
"Tilt–shift" encompasses two different types of movements: rotation of the lens plane relative to the image plane, called tilt, and movement of the lens parallel to the image plane, called shift.
Our Photo studio HD lets you make you easily transform your existing digital photos into coll miniature style pictures and you can edit images that too without any software and tutorial. Now you can add this easily.

Drop files to upload
Drop files to upload

The most powerful Photo Editor for iOS!

With more then 200 Filters, Crop, Mirror, Photo Enhancer, Frames, Face Tune, Voice Control, Sharing, 2D in 3D Converter, Real Postcard generator, Collage, Blending, Histogram, Shapes, Grids, Unify, Light Effects, Wrap, Red Eye remover, Text added is Photo Studi0 #1 !

Simpel use the Voice command "Camera" and photo Studio make a Picture!

Whith our amazing Shapes you turn a poring picture in Artwork. With more then 60+ unique Shape you have a lot of possibilities. 

presetwrap_1 presetwrap_2 presetwrap_3 presetwrap_4 presetwrap_5 presetwrap_6 presetwrap_7 presetwrap_8 presetwrap_9 presetwrap_10 presetwrap_11 presetwrap_12 presetwrap_13 presetwrap_14 presetwrap_15 presetwrap_16 presetwrap_17 presetwrap_18 presetwrap_19 presetwrap_20 presetwrap_28 presetwrap_27 presetwrap_26 presetwrap_25 presetwrap_24 presetwrap_23 presetwrap_22 presetwrap_21 presetwrap_29 presetwrap_30 presetwrap_31 presetwrap_32 presetwrap_33 presetwrap_34 presetwrap_35 presetwrap_36 presetwrap_37 presetwrap_38 presetwrap_39 presetwrap_40 presetwrap_41 presetwrap_42 presetwrap_43 presetwrap_44 presetwrap_45 presetwrap_46 presetwrap_47 presetwrap_48 presetwrap_49 presetwrap_50 presetwrap_51 presetwrap_52 presetwrap_53 presetwrap_54 presetwrap_55 presetwrap_56 presetwrap_57 presetwrap_58 presetwrap_59 presetwrap_60 presetwrap_61 presetwrap_62 presetwrap_63 presetwrap_64 presetwrap_65 presetwrap_66 presetwrap_67 presetwrap_68

30 AMAZIN FINESSE ready for your fingertip.

9 Amazing presets available !
Around 200 B.C were first time used at China at time of invention of paper. But till 10th century it was less known and was used in Japan when calligraphers start glue images using text on surfaces.
Collage made from photographs, or parts of photographs, is called PHOTOMONTAGE. Our Photo Studio HD lets you make great collage for you. Within each style, additional adjustments such as border, frames, aspect ratio, and fonts are available. Drilling down into each of these categories offers even more choices for experimenting with your collage’s look and feel.
You can choose between 10 preconfigurated Blends, but thats not in enough you can make your own also!
Endless preconfigurated GRIDS!
17 Shapes that change the Picture Amazing!
You want make from a 2D Picture a 3D! 
You can make with a fingertip from a 2D source a amazing 3D Anaglyph, Side by Side H or Side by Side V Picture!
9 different Sketch modes!
sketch_1 sketch_2 sketch_3 sketch_4 sketch_5 sketch_6 sketch_7 sketch_8 sketch_9

You want go back one, two, tree or all steps back? No problem with Photo Studio HD

Endless possibilities!
Mix 2 Picture. 4 amazing modes are available.
cocktail gaussian mystic pinch

In the Editor Menue you'll find a lot of powerful tools.

- Rotate

- Blur

- Enhance

- Mirror

- Contrast

- Brightness

- White Balance

- Histogram

- Red Eye remover

- Text Bubble

- Text

- Smiley

- Stamp

- Crop

- Lasso

- Brush

- Smooth

- Patch

Wrap and Roll like a paper!
draggy_button elasta_button subWrap swirl_button
A lot of Frames are ready for use!
antique aqua berry biege border bound boundary case_it case circular classic corner crimson custom darken edge enclose frame_art frame_in frame_it frame1_bt frame2_bt frame3_bt frame4_bt frame5_bt frame6_bt frame7_bt frame8_bt frame9_bt frame10_bt freefall fringe limit margin mint oak outline pinkish radial rim saffron sidepane silver stained surround woody
Is your Picture to dark? No Problem for Photo Studio HD.
3 different modes are ready to play with the colors.
fiery flash vibrant

Amazing 22 Effects from Tilt Shift to Single Color!

You want add more fun? No problem Auto Face Swap is included!

The System Camera is expanded with a lot of new functions, so you can blend in now histogram or simpel a Grid to find the Golden cut!

Also you have Timer functions or Voice Control!

Creating Selfies Is Fun

Selfies is an Abbreviation of Self- Portraits.  Everyone wants to look good on their selfies. Our Photo Studio HD is one of the best apps for selfies as its Voice Control function will not let you add your arms in your selfies.  Our main purpose behind this app is to allow users to control their iPhone’s camera without having to touch it. The aim is to allow users to take pictures and video using voice control. It can smooth wrinkles, whiten teeth, remove red eye and more just like photoshop  does on computer.

This Is An Open Toggle Bar

Great for selfie
In year 1839 Robert Cornelius, an American pioneer in photography, produced a daguerreotype of himself by taking first ever selfie. And Russian Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna at the age of 13 was one of the first teenagers to take her own picture using a mirror to send to a friend in 1914. As per her own words her hands were shivering while taking her own pic.
And in a century new word come out and in 2013 “selfie” was announced as being the "word of the year" by the Oxford English Dictionary, which gave the word itself an Australian origin when former prime minister Kevin Rudd helped popularize the term.

Now Photo Studio HD is out to make your selfie greater by using our voice control feature. And you can edit your images as much times you want.